RayBiotech offers a comprehensive suite of laboratory testing solutions in a wide range of therapeutic areas. With our expertise, we work with clients to provide a unique approach to each project and optimal strategies from design to completion.

Our lab can help clients to:

  • Identify biomarkers
  • Design experiments
  • Choose the best analytical methodology
  • Develop and validate the specific assay(s)
Our capabilities include advanced technologies and specialized expertise in the below areas.

Bead-Based Arrays

RayBiotech’s multiplex bead array is an advanced technology using antibody-conjugated multiplex beads to quantitatively detect a wide range of analytes with high sensitivity in a liquid phase
  • A variety of sample types can be used including whole blood, PBMCs and other primary and immortalized cell lines.
  • Capability for up to 12-color or 18-color analysis depending upon the needs of the assay.
  • Multiplexing for up to 50 targets proteins
  • Custom and pre-validated panels are available
  • Minimal sample volume required per test


Quantibody® glass slide arrays are fully quantifiable multiplex immunoassays 
  • Contains fully validated assays for cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, soluble receptors, and many more molecule classes
  • Design and validation of customized biomarker panels available for >1200 human, >640 mouse, and other species: Rat, Sheep, Chicken, Cow, Pig, Horse, Dog, Primate, Rabbit, Cat & Dolphin
  • Up to 40 proteins can be measured with just 50 µL of sample


Choose from over 3000 targets across 15 different species and 6 different ELISA platforms for single target biomarker detection
  • Sandwich ELISA
  • Phosphorylation ELISA
  • High-Sensitivity Immuno-PCR
  • Competition-based ELISA
  • Cell-based ELISA
  • Transcription Factor Activity Assay


Single molecule array (Simoa™) testing is a powerful new technique that utilizes the isolation of individual immunocomplexes on paramagnetic beads to generate data that is orders of magnitude more sensitive than standard sandwich based immunoassay techniques.

  • Choose from a library of over 4,000 targets
  • Sensitivity as low as femtogram (fg/ml) levels


RayBiotech’s Auto-Western Service marries our state-of-the-art capillary immunoprobing system with our vast pre-validated antibody library.

Our high throughput system can achieve ng to pg sensitivity with only 5 µL of starting material.

  • Standard curve may be included for full quantification