Cell-based assays use live cells to offer a biologically relevant model one can use to track dynamic variables or functional or biochemical effects of cells and their behavior. RayBiotech can provide a full range of cell-based assays. Our team has expertise with primary cells and transformed cell lines. We are able to develop and validate custom cell-based assays to the clients needs and in line with all relevant regulatory guidelines and recommendations.

PBMC Processing

In Vitro Cell Culture

RayBiotech’s team of scientists have the advanced level of knowledge and skill that is required for the complexity involved in live cell analysis. 

  • Dedicated in vitro cell culture core
  • Cell processing and sample aliquoting
  • Custom cell culture including primary explants and optimizing expression of a cell line or development of optimum medium or treatment regimes
  • Cell surface assays and intracellular assays are available

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a powerful technology that can simultaneously measure multiple parameters on hundreds of individual cells per second. We have a wide range of experience in developing and validating assays including 

  • Immunophenotyping
  • Phosphorylation of proteins
  • Intracellular and cell surface antigens
  • Cell proliferation
  • Toxicity
  • Apoptosis
  • Cellular activation

Key Instrumentation: BD FACScelesta