Biomarker Detection

The discovery of good biomarkers and their translation to the clinic is a challenging and multistep process, for which RayBiotech can provide expertise and a variety of tools to build a tailored solution.

Cell-Based Assays

Convenient and sensitive assays which can be used for measuring the relative amount of protein phosphorylation and monitoring the effect of various treatment, inhibitors (such as siRNA or chemicals), or activators in cultured cell lines.

Rapid Isothermal PCR Assay Development

Utilize reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification method for the fast, qualitative in vitro detection of nucleic acids without the need for thermal cycling. A colorimetric read-out negates the need for a PCR instrument. Take advantage of our highly sensitive, pH-independent reagents not available elsewhere on the market.

Lateral Flow Assay Development

Convenient and sensitive assays which can be used for qualitative measurement of antigens or antibodies. Custom development available in both a visual, colloidal-gold or a time-resolved fluorescence format

Protein Production

GMP-certified custom protein production encompasses every step of production from gene cloning through protein purification, and includes downstream processing such as protein desalting, lyophilization, vialing, and conjugation to tags, fluors, or other labels.

Bulk Monoclonal Antibody Production

Scalable, large-scale production and purification services of monoclonal antibodies from pre-existing hybridoma cell lines. Serum-free culture, carrier-free, and less than 1 EU/mg endotoxin levels guaranteed.

Biostatistics / Bioinformatics & Data Management Services

RayBiotech’s data management team are experts and can work closely with with your team to manage your data from the collection stage to the delivery of high quality biostatistics, providing you with confidence, precision, and efficiency.

Clinical Diagnostic Assay Development and Validation Services

RayBiotech’s experienced team can help you expand your diagnostic menu with rapid, easy assay development and laboratory developed test (LDT) validation services. Utilize our pre-made, LDT-ready qPCR and immunoassays or leverage our custom development capabilities. We’ll come to you to validate according to regulatory requirements so you can expand, customize, and standardize your portfolio to differentiate your diagnostic laboratory.

Consulting Services

By engaging our highly trained team of scientists, you can leverage our breakthrough technologies to conceptualize and develop assays and reagents. We can also assist you with experimental design for grant proposals, biomarker studies, drug discovery, and much more.