Analysis Tool for AAM-CYT-G1000

Excel-based data analysis software specific for Mouse Cytokine Array G1000.


Product Specifications

1 module

RayBiotech supports each antibody/protein array kit by offering Excel-based analysis software tools for the automatic computation of the extracted numerical data obtained from the array image. Features include sorting, averaging, background subtraction, positive control normalization, and histogram graphing for easy visual comparison.

The analysis tools combine the familiarity of Excel with RayBiotech’s innovative antibody/protein array technology to create a program that even the most novice researcher can easily use. The array data obtained from densitometry is merely inputted into the appropriate cells of the corresponding analysis tool and the tool does the rest. They take the slow and tedious process of manually analyzing the enormous amount outputted data associated with multiplex assays like antibody/protein arrays and simplifies the process to “copy and paste”. An instructional guide is now provided which describes in detail each step of the analysis process including the formula used for normalization.


  • Automatically analyzes antibody array data
  • Generates graphs for easy visual comparison
  • Excel-based software
  • Fast and Easy to use - “Copy and Paste”

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This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.
Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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