Array Testing Services

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RayBiotech Service Department offers full testing services for all of our array kits including custom arrays, quantitative, and semi-quantitiative platforms. Browse our selection of >300 stock arrays or create your own custom array from our pool of pre-validated antibodies.

To obtain a service quotation, please fill out a form below and contact us at [email protected], indicating the number of samples, sample type, and the desired array.

Do you want to perform the experiment, but you don't have access to a compatible laser scanner? RayBiotech now offers free slide scanning services.

Quantitative Proteomics Services

Ship us your samples and our experienced service department will use our GLP-compliant Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA platform to quantitatively detect up to 1000 human, 200 mouse, or 67 rat proteins. Click below to learn more.

Quantitative Proteomics Services

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