Cytometric Bead Arrays: RayPlex®

Take advantage of cytometric bead array technology for solution-based high throughput protein detection using a standard flow cytometer.

What Are Cytometric Bead Arrays?

Cytometric bead arrays are sandwich immunoassays that use a capture antibody immobilized on the bead to detect a target protein, and a fluorescently-labeled detection antibody to visualize the captured target protein. By using different combinations of microbead sizes and fluorophores, researchers can simultaneously analyze multiple target proteins.

RayPlex cytometric bead arrays are compatible with most standard flow cytometers that are equipped with blue and red lasers capable of detecting fluorescence in the phycoerythrin (PE) and allophycocyanin (APC) channels, respectively.

Armed with the precision that comes with sandwich immunoassay technology and the measurement capabilities of multiplex bead arrays, you can discover more deeply and more quickly with RayPlex.

How Do Cytometric Bead Arrays Work?

cytometric bead array how it works diagram
  1. Incubate your sample with the RayPlex beads. The proteins will bind to the corresponding pre-coated capture antibody bead.
  2. Detect bound target by adding biotinylated detection antibodies.
  3. Wash away unbound protein and add PE-conjugated streptavidin.
  4. Analyze beads with a flow cytometer.
  5. Process and interpret the flow cytometry data.

What Research Applications Are Cytometric Bead Arrays Used For?

We’ve seen the RayPlex cytometric bead arrays used to address a large range of research questions. Here are a few of our favorite applications:

  • High-throughput profiling of cytokine expression.
  • Validation of semi-quantitative antibody array results.
  • Identifying potential molecular targets for drug development.
  • Identifying the molecular mechanisms of drug action.
  • Identifying crucial factors involved in disease processes.
  • Discovering biomarkers for disease management.
  • Discovering expression patterns for molecular classification of diseases.

Need a customized array to meet your individual research objectives?

When your specific research questions aren’t addressed by a premade array, we’re here to help. With RayBiotech, you can access any multiple array format as well as the largest library of highly specific validated antibody pairs with over 1,000 target proteins.

Learn about our Custom Array Services

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