Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Packages

Our pricing structure is simple: the more services you need, the more save. There are no hidden costs and no surprise bills. Now you can budget with peace of mind. Fill out this form to get an official quote and send to

Package Name What you get Per sample with ≤ 500 targets Per sample with > 500 targets** Catalog # Savings
Basic Data clean-up $5   BIOSTAT-Pre-A  
  $8 BIOSTAT-Pre-B
Any 1* Any ONE service*
Includes data clean-up
$10   BIOSTAT-1-A  
  $16 BIOSTAT-1-B
Any 2* Any TWO services*
Includes data clean-up
$16   BIOSTAT-2-A You save 20%
  $25.60 BIOSTAT-2-B
Any 3* Any THREE services*
Includes data clean-up
$21   BIOSTAT-3-A You save 30%
  $33.60 BIOSTAT-3-B
The Works All 4 services*
Includes data clean-up
$24   BIOSTAT-Works-A You save 40%
  $38.40 BIOSTAT-Works-B
Experimental Design Experimental Design $250 per experiment*** BIOSTAT-ED  

These prices are for array data using RayBiotech arrays. Minimum of $250 per order.

For pricing information on data collected using other companies' arrays, bulk service orders, custom packages, or custom analyses, please contact us.

* All data must go through pre-processing, which is known as our "Data clean-up" service. This package does NOT include Experimental Design.

** Up to 1500 targets. For more than 1500 targets per array, please contact us for pricing.

*** For example, biomarker discovery and validation are two different experiments.