Bulk Monoclonal Antibody Production Service

RayBiotech provides production and purification services of monoclonal antibodies from pre-existing hybridoma cell lines:

  • Scalable production
  • Serum-free culture media - no contamination of bovine antibodies
  • Endotoxin testing - less than 1 EU/mg guaranteed!
  • Carrier-free - great for animal studies
  • Protein A, G, or L affinity purification
  • Discounts for academic and government institutions

Do you need a custom antibody developed? Please check out our comprehensive custom antibody service here.

Service Phases

1: Pilot Antibody Production


The primary objective of this phase is to determine how well the hybridoma cell line produces antibodies.

  • The hybridoma cell line is cultured and propagated in serum-free media
  • Antibody is purified and the amount determined via a BCA assay
Lead time

2 - 4 weeks


The concentration of the purified antibody concentration is provided via e-mail. Purified antibody can be shipped to customer immediately or kept until Phase 3 is complete.

The amount of purified antibody following this step is not guaranteed as the level of antibody production varies. Based upon the needs of the customer, the cost and lead times for Phases 2 - 3 can now be accurately provided.

2: Hybridoma Expansion


The hybridoma cell line is cultured and propagated in serum-free media.

Lead time

Depends on hybridoma


No deliverable. Service will immediately continue to Phase 3.

3: Antibody Purification


This phase includes the following steps:

  • Purification using Protein A, G, or L affinity chromatography
  • Antibody concentration determined using a BCA assay
  • Endotoxin testing: < 1 EU/mg is guaranteed
  • Sterilization (optional)
  • Dilution to desired antibody concentration (optional)
  • Aliquoting (optional)
Lead time

1 - 2 weeks


Data will be sent electronically to customer. Purified antibody will be shipped to the customer.