Business Partnerships

At RayBiotech, we understand the importance of technology evaluation, development, and transfer for bringing new products to market. Our first product started as an idea in our CEO’s lab, an idea which blossomed into a highly successful long-lasting business (read more here).

We continue to look for similar opportunities for commercializing innovation, whether those ideas come from academia or industry, and have developed a results-driven strategy for quickly evaluating potential opportunities, nurturing and developing promising technologies, and incorporating them into our expanding portfolio. We work to help with companies needing Contract Research Organization (CRO) projects, companies needing GMP production of materials or kits, as well as companies looking to license our kits under an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) contract.

We are interested in evaluating and executing upon novel technologies related to:

  • Proteomics
  • Protein or Antibody Arrays
  • Technologies Requiring Specialized Print Services
  • Protein Production and related systems
  • Antibodies (single and multi domain)
  • Detection Systems Including Instrumentation
  • Functional Assays (chemical, enzymatic, etc)
  • Glycans and related Glycobiology Research
  • Peptides and Small Molecules
  • PK and PD assays and related
  • Proteins
  • Post-translational Modification techniques, analysis, and identification
  • Flow cytometry including instrumentation
  • LAMP assays including instrumentation
  • Quantitative-PCR and related instrumentation

If you have a new technology, product, or service you think we might be interested in licensing or acquiring, or just need help with the manufacture of your technology or product, please contact us at [email protected].

What We Do

The RayBiotech business development team is responsible for the following activities:

  • Contract Research Organization partnerships and collaboration
  • ODM manufacturing of consumables, materials, kits, and technologies
  • GMP facility production
  • Technology and product licensing
  • Joint partnerships and collaborative relationships with companies, universities and researchers
  • Intellectual property management, including out-licensing,OEM, and ODM relationships
  • Legal and contracts