Cluster Analysis

What it is

Cluster analysis identifies groups of markers with similar and different expression profiles across groups. The types of cluster analysis that will be performed include:

When should this service be used?

  • Profiling
  • Sample stratification

What you get

Your final report will contain the following information:

  • Description of analysis steps performed
  • Hierarchical cluster (see figure)
  • PCA plot (see figures)

Example ReportSee Pricing & Packages

Hierarchical cluster and heatmap of 8 samples where red represents increased expression level and blue represents decreased expression level.

Hierarchical cluster and heatmap

PCA plot

PCA plot

Plot of PC1 and PC2 values of 6 samples. Samples subjected to Treatment #2 ("T2") cluster with each other but not with samples subjected to Treatment #1 ("T1"). Samples subjected to T1 do not cluster with each other.