COVID-19 Patient Samples

Samples from COVID-19 vaccinated patients also available. Browse here.

Serum / Plasma Samples

Serum and plasma (EDTA) from normal (non-COVID-19) and COVID-19 patients.

Vials of COVID-19 patient blood samples


Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from COVID-19 patients.

Blood cells

Dried Blood Spots

Dried blood spots from acute & recovered COVID-19 patients on filter paper.

Blood collection strips absorbing blood from patient's finger tip

Whole Blood

Whole blood from acute & recovered COVID-19 patients.

2 vials filled with dark blood from COVID-19 pateints


Granulocytes from acute & recovered COVID-19 patients obtained with Ficoll density gradient.

Diagram of a vial showing where granulocytes are located in a blood sample