COVID-19 Patient Samples

RayBiotech offers a wide range of biological samples of different sample types from COVID-19 diagnosed patients and COVID-19 vaccinated patients, including serum and plasma, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), dried blood spots, whole blood, granulocytes, & more. Serum and plasma from non-COVID-19 ("normal") patients are also available.

Human biological samples, also known as patient samples or biological specimens, encompass a variety of sample types such as blood, urine, tissue, cells, saliva and many others. Biological samples are an essential tool for research, allowing tests and assays to be carried out on a population of healthy donors and/or donors with specific pathologies or characteristics. This makes it possible to better understand a biological process or pathology and to find biomarkers for a better diagnosis and/or treatment. Biological samples can also be useful when studying new or potential drugs.

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Patient Samples