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Whether you’re a virtual company looking for complete wet lab services or have a team that needs support for a small part of a larger project, the experienced RayBiotech scientists are ready to deliver success.

We provide consulting and execution of non-clinical, pre-clinical, and clinical assay design and/or validation, biomarker discovery, protein and antibody production, data management and analysis, and more.

Our service teams harness the same scientific expertise that drives development of RayBiotech’s widely-used, high-quality assays and reagents to meet your contract research needs.

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Your service project can be performed in our high-complexity CLIA lab, which is accredited by ANSI to ISO 17025:2017. If required by your project specifications, work can be conducted in compliance with good clinical laboratory practices (GCLP), good laboratory practice (GLP), and current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) standards as well as current regulatory guidance documents based on industry requirements.  

Audit success: We’ve completed more than 25 regulatory inspections over the last 7 years

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Raybiotech’s CRO services help you construct and manage your projects, monitor and rigorously assess incoming data, develop and validate your quality control procedures, and help you navigate the regulatory environments you may encounter. All these matters will be discussed with you at our initial consultation to create a unique plan that suits your needs.

Utilizing your particular search parameters, high-content antibody arrays are employed for protein biomarker candidate discovery. This is followed by customizable quantitative immunoassays (multiplex or singleplex) to carry out validation studies. Together, we determine which of our advanced technologies will ensure the best results for your unique biomarker.

Our cell culture and flow cytometry technologies can track the dynamic variables, affecting the behavior, function, or biochemistry of living cells. RayBiotech can provide a full range of cell-based assays, covering both primary cells and transformed cell lines. We are able to develop and validate custom cell-based assays that suit your needs and satisfy all relevant regulatory guidelines and recommendations.

RayBiotech’s experienced team can help you expand your diagnostic menu with rapid, easy assay development and laboratory developed test (LDT) validation services. Utilize our pre-made, LDT-ready qPCR and immunoassays or leverage our custom development capabilities. We’ll come to you to validate according to regulatory requirements so you can expand, customize, and standardize your portfolio to differentiate your diagnostic laboratory.

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Get additional information to help you advance your studies from articles on the science underlying antibody-based techniques to video protocols, application notes, and more.

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