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Trust your biomarker discovery needs to the company that’s been in the multiplex protein analysis business longer than anyone else.

As the first company to commercialize the protein array and an innovation leader in multiplex protein analysis, RayBiotech has both the right tools and expertise to successfully advance your biomarker discovery projects.

We employ the latest technologies to find and validate the most relevant biomarkers to achieve your objectives, including all of the RayBiotech array, ELISA, and multiplex ELISA platforms as well as the Quanterix Simoa® single molecule protein detection platform.

With RayBiotech’s Biomarker Discovery Services, you can experience the confidence of reliable, actionable data thanks to our expertise and commitment to quality.

What You Can Expect

Our scientists work closely with you to understand your study’s objectives and design a project to quickly and efficiently achieve your goals, from sample size considerations to the most appropriate technology platforms for discovery and validation.

Technologies We Use

RayBiotech Glass and Membrane Arrays

We can use off-the-shelf or custom RayBiotech Label-Based Arrays (L-Series), Membrane Antibody Arrays (C-Series), Glass Slide Antibody Arrays (G-Series).

Label-Based Arrays maximize the number of targets you can assess. This approach relies on direct labeling of sample proteins with biotin, enabling detection through binding with labeled streptavidin and avoiding the need to develop validated antibody pairs.

Membrane Antibody Arrays and Glass Slide Antibody Arrays use the familiar sandwich detection format and our validated antibody pairs.

RayPlex™ Bead-Based Arrays

RayPlex™ Bead-Based Arrays are an advanced technology that uses antibody-conjugated multiplex beads to quantitatively measure a wide range of analytes in a liquid phase at high sensitivity.

  • Compatible with a variety of sample types including whole blood, PBMCs and other primary and immortalized cell lines.
  • Detects up to 50 targets proteins.
  • Custom and pre-validated panels are available.
  • Minimal sample volume required per test.

Quantibody® Multiplex ELISAs

Quantibody® glass slide arrays are sensitive, quantitative multiplex ELISAs.

  • Fully validated assays for cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, soluble receptors, and many more molecule classes.
  • Available for biomarker discovery of >1200 human proteins, >640 mouse proteins, and proteins in other species including rat, sheep, chicken, cow, pig, horse, dog, primate, rabbit, cat, and dolphin.
  • Quantifies up to 40 proteins using just 50 µL of sample.

RayBiotech ELISAs

Choose from over 3000 targets across 15 different species and 6 different ELISA platforms for single target biomarker detection and validation.

  • Sandwich ELISA
  • Phosphorylation ELISA
  • High-Sensitivity Immuno-PCR
  • Competition-based ELISA
  • Cell-based ELISA
  • Transcription Factor Activity Assay


Single molecule array (Simoa®) testing is a powerful technique that utilizes the isolation of individual immunocomplexes on paramagnetic beads to generate data that is orders of magnitude more sensitive than standard sandwich based immunoassay techniques.

  • Choose from a library of over 4,000 targets.
  • Sensitivity as low as femtogram (fg/mL) concentrations.

Auto-Western Blot Service

RayBiotech’s Auto-Western Blot Service marries our state-of-the-art capillary immunoprobing system with our vast pre-validated antibody library.

Our high throughput system can achieve ng to pg sensitivity with only 5 µL of starting material and we can include a standard curve for full quantification.

Ready to see how RayBiotech’s Biomarker Discovery Services can advance your project?

Our Approach to Experiment Design for Biomarker Discovery

Experimental design is an often underappreciated step which is foundational to successful biomarker discovery and validation.

The first important consideration is n. Sample numbers for each experimental group must be large enough to ensure statistical significance. If the sample size is too low, you’ll experience a high number of false positives—biomarker candidates which fail during validation. In addition, you may miss relevant biomarker candidates (false negatives. The minimum sample size per group largely depends on the objectives of your experiment. Our Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Group can assist you in making this determination.

Secondly, we consider if the proposed assay is suitable for the intended study. Rather than a single one-size-fits-all platform, RayBiotech’s uniquely diverse offering includes a wide range of multiplex protein detection products to fit different purposes. These include high-density (>200 targets) antibody arrays (quantitative or semi-quantitative) for screening protein expression, smaller focused array panels for querying specific cellular functions, phospho-specific arrays for pathway profiling, protein arrays for exploring protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions, and glycobiology-focused arrays for collecting glycosylation signatures. For difficult-to-detect targets, we offer ultrasensitive ELISA technologies including immuno-PCR ELISA and SIMOA. Our Technical Support team can assist you in choosing the best platform and product for your needs.

Lastly, we consider other experimental parameters such as the careful definition of patient populations (or animals in the case of experimental model systems), choosing an appropriate sample type, and standardized sample handling and storage protocols—all of which can make the difference between success and failure in biomarker development studies. While our Technical Support personnel and scientists cannot be experts in every field of study, we can assist you in reviewing experimental methods for optimal use with antibody array products.

RayBiotech also offers a bio-banking service for customers with sample storage space needs.

Ready to see how RayBiotech’s Biomarker Discovery Services can advance your project?

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

RayBiotech has developed an innovative platform for biomarker discovery and validation. Researchers can choose from several different array platforms to initiate biomarker development, utilizing them either alone or as a supplement to mass spectrometry-based proteomics. RayBiotech’s highest-density arrays can offer hundreds to thousands of antibodies, providing a wide, diverse pool of disease-specific proteins to use to identify candidates for further investigation.

Developing probes for the validation of candidate biomarkers is resource-intensive, costly, and can impede the progress of discovery. However, using RayBiotech’s high-density array platform for candidate screening takes that difficulty out of the equation. Tthe array panel contains reliable, validated antibodies to every protein of interest, streamlining workflows and reducing costs.

Yes. We are an ISO 13485:2016 certified company (the certification required for the manufacture of clinical diagnostic products). As such, RayBiotech products can be used in clinical diagnostic lab developed tests. We are fully willing and able to aid in the validation of our immunoassays or array platforms for the FDA clearance required by clinical diagnostic products. We provide the technical expertise and assistance to prepare and submit data for clinical assay approval.

RayBiotech can produce customized arrays to fit your needs for biomarker screening or validation. Choose from over 3500 validated antibody pairs across 13 species. We can assemble your own semi-quantitative or quantitative panels in nearly any combination (after an antibody cross-reactivity check by the technical service team). We can also produce customized protein arrays to probe for protein–protein interactions, auto-antibody production, antibody specificity, and protein interactions with DNA, RNA, or small molecules.

Still have questions?

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