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Do you need to purify some cells, or run assays on purified cells, yet lack the capability? RayBiotech offers a full suite of cell sorting services, either for running a service like a multiplex or flow cytometry project on that population at RayBiotech, or sending them back to you upon completion. We offer positive and negative magnetic column based sorting, as well as flow based population sorting for common or rare populations. If you have a project needing purified populations from samples, or just have questions about our capabilities, please reach out to discuss.

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RayBiotech offers several purification options, depending on your needs, as well as many secondary service options after any purification to explore.

  • Positive Selection Sorting: Specifically targets selected cells with an antibody and magnetically purifies them from the population.
  • Negative Selection Sorting: Specifically does NOT target wanted cells by using antibodies targeting other contaminating cells in the sample and magnetically removes them.
  • FACS based Sorting: Uses fluorescent labels to target and purify or remove the antibody labeled population(s) of cells.
  • Purification and Cellular Expansion: Secondary service where the initially purified cells are expanded in vitro for later use.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We can process any number of sample types, starting from tissue samples, blood samples, or mixed cell lines. The more fresh the samples the better in terms of cell quality, but we also have some protocols for sending in frozen samples in a proper storage buffer to allow successful revival and purification. For our membrane-based arrays, any chemiluminescence imaging system such as an X-ray film developer, CCD camera, or gel documentation system should work. Imaging systems using near-infrared flours, such as the Li-Cor Odyssey and Typhoon systems, also work extremely well with our membrane arrays.

For the glass slide-based arrays, a gene microarray laser scanner is needed. A list of specifications and compatible laser scanners can be found here:

The best purification method often depends on what the sample type is, how much material is available, as well as the goal of the purification. Sometimes you want “untouched” cells, as is common with immunological sorts of T and B cells populations. Other times, you need to just remove the excess contaminating red blood cells, macrophages, and monocytes. The more pure the needed population, the more sample and higher purification method will be needed. In general, FACS Sorting>Positive Sorting>Negative Sorting.

Purity from any cell sort is variable depending on the quality of the sample, amount of dead material, and the method. Generally FACS sorting is the highest purification methodology, with >90% purity, often >95% purity. Positive selection sorting would be a close second, as you are actively labeling the cells to purify, just doing it through a magnetic column instead of on a FACS based sorter. Here you can expect ~85-95% purity. Finally, negative cell sorting is great to pre-enrich your population, or purify a population without “touching” them with an antibody. These are usually the least pure, and highly dependent upon the kit used, varying from ~60-90%.

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