Flow Cytometry Service

RayBiotech provides a comprehensive Flow Cytometry Full Testing Service to evaluate cellular and signaling phenotypes, cell growth changes, cytokine production, cellular division, and even intracellular signaling events. Our flow cytometry team has over 25 years of experience, specializing in immunology (e.g., T cells) and stem cells.

Service Features:

  • High quality analyses performed by experts
  • Affordable
  • Rapid turn-around
  • Bulk discounts
  • Long-term service contracts available
  • GCLP certification of the marker panel available

What's Included:

  • PDF report of scatter plots based on your gating strategy
  • Excel report with cell counts
  • Raw data file (available upon request at no additional fee)

Applications of Flow Cytometry Service:

  • Immunophenotyping cells and exosomes based on intracellular and surface antigens
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Detection of apoptotic cells
  • Analysis of cell proliferation and activation
  • Measuring proteins from protein extracts using RayPlex™ Bead Arrays

Additional Flow Cytometry Services

  • Custom antibody conjugation to the fluorophore-of-interest
  • Panel optimization
  • Treating cells in cell culture

Flow Cytometry Fluorophores

flow-cytometry-dye-labeling (2)
RayBright® Fluorophores Exitation Laser Max Exitation/Emission Equivalent Fluorophores
RayBright® UV 450 UV 355 347/448 nm Alexa Fluor 350
RayBright® Violet 450 Violet 407 403/454 nm Pacific Blue, Alexa Fluor 450
RayBright® Violet 500 405/537 nm Alexa Fluor 430, BV510
RayBright® Violet 600 407/600 nm BD Brilliant Violet 605
RayBright® Violet 655 407/655 nm BD Brilliant Violet 655
RayBright® Blue 488 Blue 488 491/518 nm Alexa Fluor 488, FITC, BD BB515
RayBright® Blue/Green 575 Blue 488/Green 561 505/570, 553/570 nm R-PE, Cy3
RayBright® Green 594 Green 561 594/614 nm PE-Texas Red, PE-CF594, PE-eFluor610
RayBright® Blue/Green 647 (PE-tandem dye) Blue 488/Green 561 496/664, 565/664 nm PE-Cy5
RayBright® Blue/Green 780 (PE-tandem dye) Blue 488/Green 561 496/780, 565/780 nm PE-Cy7, PE-Alexa Fluor 750
RayBright® Red 647 Red 640 649/664 nm APC, Alexa Fluor 647, Cy5
RayBright® Red 700 685/710 nm Alexa Fluor 700, APC-R700
RayBright® Red 780 629/780 nm Alexa Fluor 750, APC-eFluor 780
Traditional Fluorophores Exitation Laser Max Exitation/Emission
PerCP Blue 488 482/667 nm
R-PE Blue 488/Green 561 496/780, 565/780 nm
APC Red 640 651/662 nm

Detection of specific T helper populations, including Th1, Th2, Th17, and Tregs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Fill out the service form and include it with your shipment to RayBiotech. Cells should be in the appropriate amount of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and shipped frozen (on dry ice).

See also our Sample Shipment Instructions.

  1. Aliquot the cells into cryovials containing cell culture media and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) at the desired cell concentration. The appropriate amount of DMSO depends on the cells, but is usually 5 - 10% (v/v).
  2. Slowly freeze cells to maintain cell viability. You can either place the cryovials in a controlled rate freezing apparatus (decreasing the temperature approximately 1°C per minute) or in an isopropanol chamber overnight at -80°C.
  3. Store the cells in the gas phase in a liquid nitrogen tank.
  4. Ship the cells on dry ice. Ensure that there is enough dry ice to keep the cells frozen during shipping. Please ship your samples overnight on Mondays through Wednesdays only. Learn more about how to ship samples by clicking the SAMPLE SHIPMENT INSTRUCTIONS button below.

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