Rapid Isothermal PCR Assay Development

RayBiotech is a leading provider of Reverse Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (RT-LAMP, or LAMP) kits and services. This method is widely recognized for fast, qualitative in vitro detection of nucleic acids without the need for thermal cycling. A colorimetric read-out negates the need for a PCR instrument. Take advantage of our highly sensitive, pH-independent reagents not available elsewhere on the market. In addition to kit development services, we also provide testing services and original design manufacturing services.

RT-LAMP Kits and Service:

  • pH-dependent and novel pH-independent master mix available
  • One-step PCR methods available
  • You submit, and we design primers for the target sequence or organism
  • OEM and ODM kit manufacturing available under ISO 13485:2016 or GMP

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Frequently Asked Questions

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RT-LAMP - This reaction is unique in that you only require a hot block that is capable of holding temperatures between 50-70 degrees C.

qPCR is excellent for most research projects with "normal" samples that don't have known PCR interferants, and especially with purified samples. However, RT-LAMP can be more sensitive in these nonpurified samples, and also doesn't suffer from the same interfering components as PCR is. Additionally, another consideration is the shear equipment requirements, with LAMP needing only a basic hot block and not a more sophisticated thermocycler. But both are great assays, and the choice is really customer need dependent.

RT-LAMP is not suitable for high-throughput applications, as it is difficult to scale up the reaction. It is also more susceptible to contamination than PCR-based methods, especially in samples that are non-purified.

PCR is susceptible to contamination, especially in unpurified samples, as numerous compounds are known to interfere with the polymerase or other steps in the reaction.

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