Custom Stable Cell Line Service

RayBiotech's stable cell line service uses a mammalian retrovirus to incorporate foreign genes into the host genome. Our comprehensive service is customized to meet your needs (Table 1).

Advantages of stable gene expression*

  • Gene will be passed to daughter cells
  • Cultured cells are genetically identical
  • Large amounts of the protein-of-interest can be produced
  • No antibiotic selection is required to maintain gene expression
* compared to transient gene expression

Potential applications of stable gene expression

  • Functional studies (of a specific protein)
  • Drug screening
  • Production of therapeutic proteins

Why Choose RayBiotech?

  • Trusted biotechnology company since 2001
  • Project is tailored to your experimental needs
  • Multidisciplinary team with exceptional expertise
  • Responsive & knowledgeable technical support team
  • GMP compliant, GLP compliant, ISO 13485 certified
Stable cell line
Figure 1. Protein localization of the foreign gene is visualized via the GFP fusion tag. Cell images using a A) GFP filter or B) DAPI filter. C) A and B images merged. 1) Only GFP was expressed; GFP did not localize to a specific cellular component. 2) GeneX-GFP localized to nucleoli within the nucleus. White bar = 10 µm. 3) GeneY-GFP localized to mitochondria within the cytoplasm.

Table 1. The phases and descriptions of the custom stable cell line service

Service Phase Description** Lead time Deliverable
1: Gene Synthesis The gene-of-interest is synthesized. 2 - 4 weeks Gene will remain at RayBiotech for Phase 2. If desired, the gene can also be shipped to the customer.
2: Gene Cloning The gene-of-interest will be cloned into a retrovirus plasmid. Proper insertion of the gene is confirmed via DNA sequencing. 2 weeks Cloned gene will remain at RayBiotech for Phase 3.
3: Retroviral Packaging The retrovirus is packaged using human GP2-293 cells. The retrovirus titer is determined using a plaque assay. Options for shipping include:

Mini-scale production (3-5 ml of virus; concentrated viral stock not available)

2 - 3 weeks

Images of the plaque assay and an Excel file with the associated data will be sent to the customer electronically.

The packaged retrovirus will remain at RayBiotech for Phase 4. If desired, the packaged retrovirus can be shipped to the customer.

4: Stable Cell Line Generation Cells are transduced with the gene-of-interest. Stable gene expression for 5 – 10 clones across 3 – 6 different passages will be confirmed with a western blot. 1 - 2 months Western blot results will be sent electronically to customer. Stable cell line will remain at RayBiotech for Phase 5. If desired, the clone with the highest gene expression according to the western blot can be shipped to the customer.
5: Cell Culture & Treatment RayBiotech can culture and treat the stable cells according to your specifications. Data analysis included. Depends on experiment Data will be sent electronically to customer. If desired, the stable cell line can be shipped to the customer.

** Either RayBiotech or you can provide the materials.