Achieve higher sensitivity than is possible using a standard ELISA with RayBiotech's Immuno-Quantitative ELISA (IQELISA).

What is an IQELISA Immuno-PCR Assay?

The IQELISA is an immuno-PCR assay that combines the specificity and ease of use of an ELISA with the sensitivity of real-time PCR (RT-PCR, also referred to as quantitative PCR or qPCR), providing you with a detection platform that uses familiar ELISA workflows while pushing the frontiers of your detection limits and sample volume requirements.

The benefits of an IQELISA include over a standard ELISA include:

  • Up to 10x more sensitivity—As with all ELISAs, assay sensitivity depends on the sensitivities of the antibodies being used. However, the lowest limits of quantification (LLOQs) of IQELISA are, on average, 23-fold lower than standard ELISA when using the same antigen-antibody pair.

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  • Sample volume requirements as low as 10 µL—Compared to a standard ELISA, IQELISA immuno-PCR kits require 1/10th the sample volume, ensuring quantitative detection even when sample is limiting.

How It Works

  1. RayBio® IQELISA 96-well PCR plates are pre-coated with specific capture antibodies.
  2. To start, pipette standards and samples into the wells. The target protein in the standards and the samples will bind to the immobilized antibody.
  3. Wash the wells and add the detection affinity reagent which will bind to any captured antigen.
  4. Finally, place the plate into a qPCR instrument for cycling and measurement of DNA amplification. The cycle number where amplification is detected is proportional to the amount of affinity detection reagent bound to captured antigen in each well.

Save Time With Our ELISA Services

If you’d like to get the data from an IQELISA study but are resource limited, you can take advantage of the experienced scientists who run our ELISA Services studies. Simply send us your samples and we will perform full testing using our IQELISA immuno-PCR kits in our GLP-compliant laboratory. Once it’s complete, we’ll send you a full report.

If you need even more sensitivity, try our ultrasensitive biomarker testing service using Simoa® technology. Like IQELISA, Simoa® is orders of magnitude more sensitive than standard sandwich-based immunoassay techniques. RayBiotech's Ultrasensitive Simoa Testing Services can achieve sensitivity as low as femtogram (fg/mL) levels, allowing you to detect and quantify biomarkers at concentrations previously difficult or impossible to measure.

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  • Measure low concentrations with 10X more sensitivity than an ELISA
  • Conserve samples with 1/10 the volume requirements of an ELISA
  • Fully optimized for serum, plasma, urine and cell culture medium
  • Start immediately with a complete kit including all necessary reagents
  • Save time with pre-coated 96 well plate
  • Publication-ready reproducible and reliable
  • Validate data for follow up and confirmation of antibody arrays

Contents of Kit

  • 96-well pre-coated strip plate (12x8)
  • Wash Buffer Concentrate (20x)
  • Standard
  • Sample Diluent Buffers
  • Biotin-labeled Detection Antibody
  • Primer Solutions
  • PCR Master Mix
  • PCR Preparation buffer
  • Final Wash Buffer