Ligand Binding Assays

The RayBiotech ligand binding assays use a rapid, simple, and sensitive method to characterize the binding affinity between the target ligand and receptor proteins in the presence of potential inhibitors within 4 hours. The assay kits are compatible with various inhibitor types, including small molecules, peptides, antibodies, serum, or plasma, for neutralizing activity against the target ligand. Using this approach, inhibitors can be screened in a high throughput fashion, accelerating the development of therapeutic antibodies and drugs.

Using an ELISA-like format, a 96-well plate comes pre-coated with the receptor protein. The testing reagent-of-choice is then added to the wells in the presence of target ligand. Unbound ligand is removed with washing, and a mouse anti-ligand detection antibody is added, binding to the ligand-receptor complex. After washing, an HRP-conjugated anti-secondary IgG is then applied to the wells in the presence of TMB substrate. The HRP reacts with the TMB solution, producing a blue color that is proportional to the amount of bound ligand. The HRP-TMB reaction is halted with the addition of the Stop Solution, resulting in a blue-to-yellow color change. The intensity of the yellow color is then measured at 450 nm.

Browse ready-made kits to query spike-receptor interactions that facilitate SARS-CoV-2 viral entry into host cells, as well as to detect drug antibodies (DA) and anti-drug antibodies (ADA).

How It Works

A schematic showing how the RayBiotech Ligand Binding Assay Kit can measure the inhibition of the receptor-ligand interaction in the presence of a potential inhibitor.

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Ligand Binding Assays


  • Evaluating inhibitor activity
  • Screen inhibitors
  • Characterize antibody function
  • Develop vaccines
  • Select patient serum for antibody therapy
  • Pre-coated 96 well plate
  • Strip plate format minimizes waste
  • Complete kit includes all necessary reagents
  • Rapid, simple, and reliable
  • Compatible with antibodies, peptides, plasma, proteins, serum, small molecules

Contents of Kit

  • Receptor protein-coated microplate
  • Wash buffer concentrate (20x)
  • 5x assay diluent
  • Ligand protein
  • Detection antibody ligand protein
  • HRP-conjugated anti-IgG
  • TMP one-step substrate reagent
  • Stop solution