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Gain quantitative single cell insights with flow cytometry and FACS reagents that come with the dependability and quality scientists expect from RayBiotech.

Manufactured in our US-based facility for supply chain reliability and backed by our expert technical support scientists, you can confidently advance a wide range of flow cytometry and FACS projects with RayBiotech.


Bright dyes, quality antibodies, reliable kits

Whether you’re looking for a tagged secondary antibody that can deliver low background binding and high signal-to-noise ratios, an unlabeled primary antibody, a cell viability marker that won’t overlap with your existing panel, or a convenient kit that includes a complete set of reagents, you can find it at RayBiotech.

A focus on quality

At RayBiotech, we understand how variable biology can be and strive for consistency in every product we manufacture. With our flow cytometry reagents, this is reflected in our quality control studies which include using flow cytometry to test every batch instead of faster, simpler western blots. This way we can verify performance in your intended application.

Flow Cytometry Reagent Categories

Flow Cytometry Antibodies

Illuminate your research and differentiate your cell populations in complex samples with RayBright conjugated antibodies.

Live/Dead Markers

Choose a cell viability marker from several different wavelength options to ensure compatibility with the rest of your panel.

Intracellular Staining Kits

Investigate cellular signaling by analyzing cytokine production in individual cells with intracellular staining kits.

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“Kelly was helpful all along with the technique, sample preparation, and data analysis. Although Ray is a commercial company there was no tendency to hide information. The experience was just like collaborating with an academic research lab.”



“I spoke with Brianne on the phone, she was very helpful, knowledgeable, and quick in her response to my technical question. Probably one of the best tech support interactions I've had in biological sciences.”


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Flow Cytometry Reagents Services

Our experienced flow cytometry service team can help you evaluate a wide range of cellular processes, quantify cell populations, and even shed light on intracellular signaling events.

Basic Flow Cytometry Protocol

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Cell Preparation

Gently harvest and wash cells, preferably with ice cold (4°C) reagents to preserve cell physiology.

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Sample Blocking

Incubate suspended cells in a blocking buffer to prevent non-specific binding of primary antibodies

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Antibody Incubation

Perform primary and secondary antibody incubations with dilutions based on cell concentration.

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Data Acquisition

Run your sample through the flow cytometer and analyze your data.

Why use RayBiotech flow cytometry antibodies?

  • High quality you can trust
  • Cost effective so you can run more experiments
  • Hard-to-find violet channel antibodies allowing you more flexibility
  • Free trial sizes (5 µg) of any of our RayBright® antibodies so you can try before you buy
  • Custom antibody production for you unique studies (learn more)
  • Custom fluorophore conjugation with limitless possibilities
  • Bulk discounts and long-term supply agreements so you always have what you need

Excitation and emission spectra of RayBright fluorochromes and equivalent dyes

RayBiotech Superior Fluorochromes Excitation Laser Max Excitation/Emission Replacing dyes of equivalent wavelengths
RayBright® UV 450 UV 355 347/448 nm Alexa Fluor 350
RayBright® Violet 450 Violet 407 403/454 nm Pacific Blue, Alexa Fluor 450
RayBright® Violet 500 Violet 407 405/537 nm Alexa Fluor 430, BV510
RayBright® Violet 600 Violet 407 407/600 nm BD Brilliant Violet 605
RayBright® Violet 655 Violet 407 407/655 nm BD Brilliant Violet 655
RayBright® Blue 488 Blue 488 491/518 nm Alexa Fluor 488, FITC, BD BB515
RayBright® Blue/Green 575 Blue 488/Green 561 505/570, 553/570 nm R-PE, Cy3
RayBright® Green 594 Green 561 594/614 nm PE-Texas Red, PE-CF594, PE-eFluor610
RayBright® Blue/Green 647 (PE-tandem dye) Blue 488/Green 561 496/664, 565/664 nm PE-Cy5
RayBright® Blue/Green 780 (PE-tandem dye) Blue 488/Green 561 496/780, 565/780 nm PE-Cy7, PE-Alexa Fluor 750
RayBright® Red 647 Red 640 649/664 nm APC, Alexa Fluor 647, Cy5
RayBright® Red 700 Red 640 685/710 nm Alexa Fluor 700, APC-R700
RayBright® Red 780 Red 640 629/780 nm Alexa Fluor 750, APC-eFluor 780

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Antibodies for flow cytometry allow scientists to detect specific antigens and characterize the proteins on the surface of cells. Similar to other immunoassays, antibodies used in flow cytometry can be directly labeled with a fluorescent dye or bind to a secondary antibody carrying the fluorescent marker. The specialized nature of antibodies enables flow cytometry to detect different cell types according to their fluorescent color, each representing an antigen-antibody interaction.

Yes. In fact, discriminating between viable, living cells and non-viable dead cells is crucial for accurate flow cytometry analysis. The presence of dead cells in your samples may cause your antibodies to bind non-specifically, leading to false positives and skewed results. Therefore, when analyzing your results, make sure you distinguish between whole cells and cell debris for accurate results.

Any suspended cell or particle between 0.2 and 150 micrometers can be used for flow cytometry.

The most common samples for flow cytometry include:

  • Non-adherent cells from culture
  • Waterborne microorganisms
  • Bacteria
  • Yeast
  • Bone marrow
  • Peripheral blood with red cells removed by lysis
  • Other body fluids

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