GAL Files

Before protein array data can be analyzed, the intensities of the array spots must be extracted from the array image /files and correctly identified. If you are using the glass slide-based arrays (such as G-Series or Quantibody), this can be a daunting task due to the large number of spots on a single slide (up to 16 subarrays per slide and up to 4 replicate spots per target).

The GenePix Array List (GAL) file solves this problem by facilitating the creation of data extraction grids which can be loaded into most fluorescent densitometry software. Each GAL file is specific for each glass slide microarray and is pre-programmed with the spot identities, spot diameters, and distances between spots. The researcher can simply position the grid over the subarray image, extract the data, and the fluorescence intensities will be correctly labeled and outputted to a GenePix Results (GPR) file. This raw data can then be analyzed manually or inputted to the appropriate RayBio® Analysis Software Tool.

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GAL files for all RayBiotech in-stock glass slide arrays can be downloaded below. GAL files for custom glass slide arrays can be provided upon request by contacting [email protected].

/ G-Series beginning with 'GS'