Empowering Your Glycomics

RayBio® Glycobiology Arrays are a versatile and innovative series of products designed to detect glycosylation. Glycosylation plays an important role in a wide variety of disease processes including tumor cell metastasis, inflammation and bacterial pathogenesis. The RayBio® Glycobiology Arrays are available in three different formats for detection of glycans or glycan-protein interactions. All 3 formats feature glass slide supports with fluorescent detection.

Glycome Arrays

Glycome Array Detection
Immobilized molecules Antibodies
Species Detected Human, mouse and rat
Spot Replicates Duplicate
Applications Determine glycoprotein profile of sample
Number of Targets up to 1000

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Lectin Arrays

Lectin Array Detection
Immobilized Molecules Lectins
Species Detected Not species specific
Spot Replicates Duplicate
Applications Determine the sample glycan profile, determine changes in glycan moieties, find novel glycan ligands
Number of Targets 70 or 95

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