Golgi Protein 73 (GP73) ELISA Assay Kit For In Vitro Diagnostics*

This kit is designed for the quantitative detection of Golgi Protein 73 (GP73) in serum samples. This protein is often present at elevated levels in patients suffering from liver disease, notably in liver cancer patients.

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Diagnostic Significance

Golgi Protein 73 (GP73), also known as golgi phospho protein 2 (GOLPH2), is a golgi type II transmembrane protein with a molecular mass of 73,000 Da. Recent studies have shown that levels of GP73 are abnormal in a variety of diseases. However, liver diseases show noticeable elevations in GP73 expression and presence in serum, especially in liver cancer. As such, this is a recently identified serum biomarker of liver cancer. Under normal circumstances, GP73 is an integral membrane protein on the membrane of the golgi apparatus. In a diseased state however, GP73 can dislodge from the golgi apparatus and reach endosomes to allow for exposure to the extracellular surface and spaces.

During hepatocellular carcinoma, diseased hepatocytes release excess GP73 into the serum. The level of GP73 can also be related to the stage of liver disease, with acute hepatitis showing higher levels, while chronic hepatitis C is characterized by lower levels. Finally, levels of GP73 can decline during various treatments possibly linking the efficacy of said treatment to the level of GP73. This kit functions to measure the level of extracellular release in a patient’s serum sample using a sandwich-based ELISA method.

Kit Components

The kit contains the following components. The entire kit can be used for 96 GP73 level measurements.

Component Size
GP73 ELISA Plate One 96-well plate
Plate Sealing Film 2 films
GP73 Enzyme Conjugate One 10mL bottle
GP73 Calibration Vial Five 0.5mL vials (S1-S6)*
Wash Concentrate 20X One 20mL bottle
Coloring Solution One 1mL bottle
Stop Solution One 7mL bottle
Instruction Manual One copy

Note: The components of different lot numbers are not interchangeably.

*The GP73 Calibration Vials S1-S6 contain 25ng/mL, 50ng/mL, 100ng/mL 200ng/mL, and 400ng/mL of GP73 recombinant antigen, respectively.

Additional Materials Required

  • Precision pipettes
  • Distilled or deonized water
  • 37°C or similar incubator
  • 96-Well microplate reader

Storage and Stability

Store kit at 2 – 8°C, away from moisture, and away from light. If stored properly, the kit is good for 12 months.

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*Not approved for diagnostic or therapeutic use in the USA

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