Human Epididymis Protein 4 (HE4) ELISA Assay Kit For In Vitro Diagnostics*

This kit is designed for the quantitative detection of human epididymus protein 4 in serum samples. This protein is often used for the diagnosis and curative effect monitoring of ovarian cancer patients.

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Diagnostic Significance

Human epididymis protein 4, belongs to the whey acidic protein four-disulfide core (WFDC) protein family and has suspected trypsin inhibitor properties. HE4 can be detected in serum, and is highly expressed in ovarian cancer tissues, but not in adjacent tissues, normal tissues, or benign tumor tissue. Ovarian cancer has the third highest incidence rate out of all female genital system cancers, but the mortality rate is the highest. HE4 has been highly reported in the literature as a high sensitivity tumor marker that is relevant in the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer, especially at the initial stage of symptom presentation. Thus, the detection or monitoring of HE4 is helpful for the diagnosis of an evaluation of curative treatment for malignant ovarian tumors[1-4].

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Kit Components

The kit contains the following components. The entire kit can be used for 96 HE4 level measurements.

Component Size
HE4 ELISA Plate One 96-well plate
Plate Sealing Film 2 films
HE4 Enzyme Conjugate One 10mL bottle
HE4 Calibration Vial Five 0.5mL vials (S1-S6)*
Wash Concentrate 20X One 20mL bottle
Coloring Solution One 1mL bottle
Stop Solution One 7mL bottle
Instruction Manual One copy

Note: The components of different lot numbers are not interchangeably.

*The HE4 Calibration Vials S1-S6 contain 40pmol/L, 80pmol/L, 160pmol/L, 320pmol/L, 640pmol/L, and 1300pmol/L of HE4 recombinant antigen, respectively.

Additional Materials Required

  • Precision pipettes
  • Distilled or deonized water
  • 37°C or similar incubator
  • 96-Well microplate reader

Storage and Stability

Store kit at 2 – 8°C, away from moisture, and away from light. If stored properly, the kit is good for 12 months.

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*Not approved for diagnostic or therapeutic use in the USA

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