JNK Activity Assay Kit, KinaseSTAR

The kit can be used for 40 assays


Antigen Information

Target Species:

Assay Format

Compatible Sample Types:
  • Cell Lysates
  • Tissue Lysates
Method of Detection:

Product Specifications

40 assays

Product Feature

  • Simple procedure
  • The kit is suitable for both research and drug discovery
  • The kit specifically detects JNK, other kinase activity would not be detected

Species Detected



  • Detection method- Western blot analysis using a phospho-c-Jun specific antibody at 1:1000 dilutions
  • Species reactivity- Mammalian
  • Applications- The JNK Activity Immunoassay Kit utilizes a JNK-specific antibody to immunoprecipitate JNK from cell lysate. JNK-specific activity is then analyzed by determining the phosphorylation of c-Jun by Western blotting using a phospho-c-Jun specific antibody.
Kit Components
  • Kinase Extraction Buffer
  • JNK Specific Antibody
  • Protein A Sepharose
  • c-Jun Protein/ATP Mixture
  • Kinase Assay Buffer
  • Phospho-cJun Specific Antibody



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This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.
Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.