L-Series Array Testing Service

L-Series Array Testing Service (glass slide or membrane)

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RayBiotech Service Department offers GLP testing services for all of our array kits including custom arrays, quantitative, and semi-quantitiative platforms. Browse our selection of Existing L-Series Antibody Arrays or create your own Custom L-Series Antibody Array from our pool of pre-validated antibodies.

If you are unable to find your target protein of interest from our list of pre-validated antibodies, you can send us the antibody you would like us to print onto the glass slide or membrane support. After development you will have your own truly custom L-Series array to detect your proteins of interest.

To obtain a service quotation, please fill out the L-Series Sample Service Form and send it to [email protected].


Human, Mouse, Rat

Application Notes

Suggested Application
  • Multiplex Protein Detection
  • Biomarker Screening
  • Identifying Key Factors
  • Confirming Biological Processes
  • High-content Screening
  • Detection of Cytokine Signatures
  • Detection of Relative Protein Expression
  • Cross-species Testing

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This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.
Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.