Preparing Urine Samples for ELISA Kits


RayBiotech manufactures over 1,000 high fully validated, GMP-compliant ELISA kits. In this blog post we explain how to prepare urine samples for ELISA Kits.

Preparing urine samples for ELISA Kits

  1. Collect urine without adding stabilizers.
  2. Centrifuge the samples hard (eg. 10,000 x g for 1 min or 5,000 x g for 2 min).
  3. Aliquot, quick freeze in dry ice/methanol bath, and store at -80°C until use.

Note: Regardless of the sample type you have, it is strongly recommended that you sub-aliquot all samples after preparation to minimize protein degradation from multiple freeze-thaw cycles. This also ensures availability of sample for further experiments.

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