Mouse Anti-Mouse NK-1.1 Ag.

Mouse Anti-Mouse NK-1.1 Ag.


Product Specifications

1 mg

Protein Information

Protein Name & Synonyms:
Natural Killer Cells
Target Species:
  • Mouse

Antibody Specifications

Flow Cytometry, Functional Assays, Immunoprecipitation
Concentration (lot specific):
IgG concentration 1.0 mg/ml
Species Reactivity:


This antibody recognizes the mouse NK1.1 cell surface antigen, a cell surface glycoprotein encoded by members of the NKR-P1 gene family.In the mouse the NKR-P1 family has three members, NKR-P1A, -B and -C, whilst in the human only one member has been identified. The human protein has received the designation CD161, and the mouse proteins have been referred to as CD161a, -b, -c etc. Although previously thought to recognize only CD161c, recent data has shown that the antibody may also react with CD161b. CD161c expression itself is strain specific in mice, but recognition of CD161b by the antibody appears to be even more complex, as only some CD161b positive strains are labelled by the antibody. Engagement of CD161c has been reported to have activating function in NK cells, whilst engagement of CD161b is inhibitory.

This product is useful for the identification of NK cells in selected strains of mice (positive on C57BL, FVB/N and NZB, but negative on AKR and BALB/c) and is also expressed by rare subsets of T cells and monocytes. The antibody has also been used for in vivo depletion of NK cells and in vitro activation of NK cells.


Store at -20 °C only.

This product should be stored undiluted.

Storage in frost free freezers is not recommended. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing as this may denature the antibody. Should this product contain a precipitate we recommend microcentrifugation before use.
If stored in this manner, this product is stable for 18 months after receipt.


Supplied as:
Purified IgG - liquid
Phosphate buffered saline
Format Type:
Azide Free


Spleen and bone marrow cells from CE mice
None present
This product
Spleen cells from immunised (C3H x BALB/c) FI Hybrid were fused with cells of the Sp2/0 - Ag14 myeloma cell line.
12 months from the date of shipment when stored properly.

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This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.
Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.