Mouse Anti-VZV gpI & IV (VZV gE & gI)

Mouse Anti-VZV gpI & IV (VZV gE & gI)
CODE:  127-10030

Antigen Information

Protein Name & Synonyms:
VZV gpI & IV (VZV gE & gI)
Target Species:
  • Viral

Antibody Specifications

Intended for the detection of VZV glycoprotein I (VZVgE) in cell culture by indirect immunofluorescent antibody technique and for Western blot and immunoprecipitation tests. Also works in ELISA.
Host Species:
Species Reactivity:
Viral, Varicella-Zoster Virus


Reacts only with fully glycosylated VZV glycoprotein I (VZVgE) as well as glycoprotein IV (VZVgI) by immunoprecipitation.


Short term (up to 7 days) store at 2-8 °C. Long term, aliquot and store at -20 °C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

More Information

VZV Ellen Strain from VZV-infected monkey kidney cells (BSC-1).
Format Type:
Purified Liquid
20 mM Sodium Phosphate, pH 9.0