PermaShield Clean Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer

Peroxidase (HRP) Conjugate Antibody and Protein Stabilizer, Bovine and Mammalian Protein Free, One Component, Ready to use



Designed as a ready-to-use buffer and stabilizer. Preserves and stabilizes the activity of HRP conjugates, antibodies and proteins used in immunoassays. It is a superior general stabilizer and can stabilize AP conjugates, as well. This stabilizer was developed to maximize the life of your HRP conjugates and proteins while eliminating non-specific protein interactions.


It can be used for high concentration stock and dilute conjugate solutions. Can be used directly as an assay buffer. No Mammalian proteins; Minimizes background interactions and issues; Eliminates BSE regulatory concerns; synergizes with our Non Mammalian Protein Coat Block and Diluent to further improve unwanted non specific binding.

Product Features

Is very stable and can be used at room temperature or 2 to 8 C. It stabilizes dilute conjugates for months at room temperature.  Room temperature stable reagent; Stable through freeze cycles; Superior HRP and protein stabilizer. It provides superior protection compared to competitor products. The stabilizer is supplied as a one component liquid ready to use formula. Superior Stability; 24 month shelf life.


2-8°C. Can be used for extensive time periods at room temperature. Keep container tightly closed.

Competitive Data

Provides superior protection compared to competitor products.

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This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.
Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.