Procalcitonin (PCT) Test Kit (Colloidal Gold) For In Vitro Diagnostics*

This kit is used to detect the concentration of procalcitonin (PCT) in human serum for clinical diagnosis of bacterial-infected diseases, via immunochromatographic technology.

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Diagnostic Significance

Procalcitonin (PCT) is a peptide precursor composed of 116 amino acids, with a molecular weight of 13KD. Healthy individuals have minute/negligible levels in their serum. In a response to a bacterial stimulus, PCT levels rise significantly, especially in severe sepsis and septic shock. PCT can therefore be a prognostic marker of early sepsis and also lower respiratory tract infections.

Kit Components

The kit contains the following components. The entire kit can be used for 20 PCT level measurements.

  • 20 individually packaged detection cassettes. Each individual package contains:
    • A detection cassette for the detection of PCT in the sample
    • A disposible plastic pipette
    • A desiccant pack
  • 20 colorimetric reference cards (for determination of PCT range)
  • 1 Product manual

Note: The components in different batches cannot be used interchangeably.

Storage and Stability

Store kit and individual packages at 4 - 30°C, dry, and away from light. Overall kit and individual cassettes are good for 18 months. Avoid freezing. The individual package should only be opened when detection begins.

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*Not approved for diagnostic or therapeutic use in the USA