Flow Cytometry Reagents

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Indefinite FACS25 25% off Flow Cytometry reagents and Services (including FcR Block, compensation beads, etc.) North America only; Cannot be combined with other offers; One-time use; Cannot use online
Description The RayBright® Universal Compensation Beads can capture all rat, mouse, Syrian Hamster and Armenian hamster antibodies that are labeled with...
Size: 25 tests or 100 tests 

Description The RayBright ® Human FcR Block contains purified normal human IgG to efficiently block and reduce non-specific antibody staining mediated...
Size: 100 or 500 tests 

Description The RayBio ® Fixation/Permeabilization Buffer contains paraformaldehyde, saponin and FBS, commonly used to fix and permeabilize cells...
Size: 25 ml or 100 ml 

Kit Components RayBright® Mouse FcR Block at 0.5 mg/ml Buffer PBS, PH7.2~7.4, 0.2% BSA, 0.1% NaN3 Cell Staining Protocol We recommend using at less...
Size: 100 µg or 500 µg