Proteins and Peptides

Save time and accelerate your studies with ready-to-use proteins and peptides that can meet your needs for standards, controls, enzymes, substrates, and more. Whether you need a purified protein, cell lysate, cell supernatant, or inhibitor, you’ll find a reagent manufactured to RayBiotech’s high standards for quality in our Peachtree, GA, facilities.


Source Hard-To-Find Proteins For A Range Of Applications

Within the dedicated categories below, you can find proteins and peptides that are available from few other vendors.

Proteins and Peptides Categories

Recombinant Proteins

Find purified proteins, cell lysates, and cell supernatants for use as standards, controls, and other studies.

Native Proteins

Better replicate in vivo physiology with proteins produced from native host cells.


Select a high quality reagent for confident catalysis and enzyme-related research.

Enzyme Inhibitors

Choose from a wide range of reagents that can selectively block the activity of single enzymes and enzyme classes.

Growth Factors

Assemble in vitro systems for studying cellular physiology such as signaling and differentiation.


Find a ready-to-use peptide to move your studies quickly from idea to insight.

Popular Proteins and Peptides

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“It [Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid Protein, Biotinylated, Cat# 230-30164] works well for fluorescent labeling and confocal microscopy.”

Graduate student

University of California, Davis

“I ordered the item [Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha, Human Recombinant, Cat# 228-11521] many times to use in different studies and it gives me great data”


Florida A&M University


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Protein Expression and Purification Services to Meet Your Specifications

Our comprehensive Custom Protein Services cover every step of production, from gene cloning through protein purification. We also perform downstream processing including protein desalting, lyophilization, vialing, and labeling.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Native proteins are proteins in their natural form, extracted from their natural source.

A recombinant protein is a modified version of a native protein produced to increase protein production or modify gene sequences.

Competitive Inhibition: Competitive enzyme inhibitors compete with substrates for the enzyme's active site. Because fewer substrate molecules can bind to the enzyme, the reaction rate is decreased.

Non-Competitive Inhibition: Non-competitive enzyme inhibitors bind to sites other than the enzyme's active site. This is called an allosteric site.

Uncompetitive Inhibition: Uncompetitive inhibitors cannot bind to free enzymes. Instead, it binds to enzyme-substrate complexes to form an inactive enzyme-substrate complex. This type of inhibition is rare.

A growth factor is a naturally occurring group of proteins that stimulate cell proliferation and the growth of specific tissues. The term “growth factor” includes peptides that stimulate or inhibit the progression of cells through mitosis.

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