Q-Analyzer Software for QAH-TH-1

Excel-based data analysis software specific for Human Th1/Th2 Array Q1.

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Product Specifications

1 module


This Q-Analyzer® tool, created specifically for the Quantibody array mentioned above, will plot the standard curve for each analyte in addition to performing background subtraction/normalization. After imaging the slide with a laser scanner and extracting the densitometry values, protein quantification can be performed with virtually any ELISA analysis software; however, our array-specific Q-Analyzer® tool facilitates the process. Instead of tedious calculation of each analyte, the user can rapidly plot all the standard curves simultaneously in both linear regression and log-log models. The program removes outlier spots for greater accuracy, and then outputs the unknown sample concentrations automatically.


  • Excel-based software
  • Fast and Easy to use - "Copy and Paste"
  • Automatically analyzes all array data
  • Plots standard curves in both linear regression and log-log models.
  • Determines analyte concentrations for all samples tested

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This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.
Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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