Quick & Easy Transformation Kit

Quick & Easy TSS Bacterial Transformation Kit



One-step preparation of competent Escherichia coli using Transformation and Storage Solution (1× TSS) has been developed by Chung et al (1). 1× TSS is a cocktail of LB broth, PEG, DMSO and Mg2+. This solution allows rapid preparation of the competent cells from any bacterial strains with high transformation efficiency. The transformation procedure can be completed in 1.5 hours without 42°C heat-shock (2). Benefits to use TSS-competent cells: 

  1. Quick: only one-step to prepare competent bacterial cells; the transformation normally is done within 1.5 hours. 
  2. Easy: this method doesn’t need the electroporation unit, heat block, 42 ºC water-bath, etc. 
  3. Broad bacterial strains: 1×TSS can be used to prepare almost all competent E.coli strains, for example, TOP10, JM109, DH5α, TG1, XL1 Blue, BL21(DE3), DH10Bac, etc. 
  4. High transformation efficiency: for most E.coli strains, the transformation efficiencies vary from 106 - 108 colonies/μg plasmid DNA. 
  5. Stable: TSS-competent cells can be stored at -80°C for years without significant loss in transformation efficiencies. 

Kit Components & Storage 

  • 1× TSS: 10 mL (1 bottle) 

Store at -20 °C or -80 °C in a freezer with a manual defrost. Don’t use or store 1× TSS near a flame because DMSO in 1× TSS is flammable!

  • SOC medium: 10 mL (1 bottle) 

Store at -20 °C or 4 °C. 

  • pUC19 plasmid DNA: 20 µL (50 ng/µL) 

Store at -20 °C. 


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