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RayBio® Total Exosome Isolation Reagent for Serum

Exosome Isolation Reagent for enrichment of intact exosomes from serum samples.


Product Specifications

10 mL


Exosomes are small extracellular vesicles with sizes of 30-100 nm that are produced and secreted by a variety of different cells in the body. Exosomes contain a wide range of functional proteins, mRNAs and microRNAs, and are found in most of body fluids, including blood, urine, saliva, bile, and breast milk. The Total Exosome Isolation Reagent enriches exosomes from serum rapidly and inexpensively using low-speed centrifugation.


Store at room temperature for up to 2 years from ship date.

Product Contents

Total Exosome Isolation Reagent (10 mL)

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This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.
Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.