RayPlex Bead Arrays

Quantitative Multiplex Bead Immunoassay

RayPlex Bead Arrays enable high throughput multiplex protein detection in a wide variety of sample types with flow cytometry.

RayPlex utilizes the sandwich immunoassay principle, wherein a target protein is immobilized between a capture antibody on a microbead and a fluorescently-conjugated detection antibody. By using different combinations of microbead sizes and fluorophores, multiple target proteins are analyzed simultaneously. RayPlex is compatible with most standard flow cytometers that are equipped with blue and red lasers capable of detecting fluorescence in the phycoerythrin (PE) and allophycocyanin (APC) channels, respectively.


  • Less sample, more data: up to 25 proteins can be quantified from only 25 µl or less of your precious sample
  • 4 hour processing time
  • 5-10x more cost-effective than ELISA
  • Compatible with most flow cytometers
  • No specialized or dedicated instrument(s) needed
  • Customizable – create your custom array from our list of targets

How it Works

RayPlex Array - How it works

Contents of Kit

  • RayPlex Multiplex Bead Cocktail
  • 1X Assay Diluent
  • 20X Wash Buffer
  • RayBio Serum Diluent
  • Lyophilized Protein Standard Mix
  • 10X Biotinylated Detection Antibody Cocktail
  • 100X Streptavidin PE
  • Rainbow Particles
  • Extra RayPlex Multiplex Bead Cocktail
  • V-bottom 96-well Microplate
  • Filter 96-well Microplate

Research Applications

  • High-throughput profiling of cytokine expression
  • Validation of semi-quantitative antibody array results
  • Identifying potential molecular targets for drug development
  • Identifying the molecular mechanisms of drug action
  • Identifying crucial factors involved in disease processes
  • Discovering biomarkers for disease management
  • Discovering expression patterns for molecular classification of diseases

Representative Data

Representative data