RayPlex Bead Arrays

Quantitative Multiplex Bead Immunoassay

The RayPlex Bead Array couples the versatility of RayBiotech's vast antibody pair library with familiar, reliable flow cytometry methodology. Together this creates an affordable, customizable, high throughput multiplex bead-based array requiring no dedicated instrument; RayPlex is compatible with most standard flow cytometers. RayBiotech's trusted expertise in antibody array design delivers a bead array with unparalleled reliability and sensitivity. Select your desired analyte panel and let RayPlex illuminate the path to your next breakthrough quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.


RayPlex technology significantly decreases sample consumption with a mixture of antibody-coated beads, while delivering enhanced flexibility of antibody combination in a customized assay.


  • Less sample, more data: up to 25 proteins can be quantified from only 25 µl or less of your precious sample
  • 4 hour processing time
  • 5-10x more cost-effective than ELISA
  • Compatible with most flow cytometers
  • No specialized or dedicated instrument(s) needed
  • Customizable – create your custom array from our list of targets

How it Works

RayPlex Array - How it works

Contents of Kit

  • RayPlex Multiplex Bead Cocktail
  • 5X Assay Diluent
  • 20X Wash Buffer
  • V-shaped 96-well Microplate
  • Lyophilized Protein Standard Mix
  • Detection Antibody Cocktail (biotinylated)
  • Streptavidin-PE

Research Applications

  • High-throughput profiling of cytokine expression
  • Validation of semi-quantitative antibody array results
  • Identifying potential molecular targets for drug development
  • Identifying the molecular mechanisms of drug action
  • Identifying crucial factors involved in disease processes
  • Discovering biomarkers for disease management
  • Discovering expression patterns for molecular classification of diseases

Representative Data

Representative data