General Information

Sample Preparation Tips
General guidelines and best practices for preparation of the most common sample types: serum, plasma, urine, cell culture supernatants, and lysates.

Array Target Protein Lists
Browse the target lists for our in-stock antibody arrays. C-Series, G-Series, L-Series and Quantibody included.

Array Technical Information

Laser Scanners for Glass Slide-based Arrays
A list of recommended laser scanner manufacturers and general specs for choosing a laser scanner if it does not appear on this list.

GAL Files
Download array extraction grids for free.

Analysis Tool Software
Learn about our analysis tools and how they assist with array data output.

Sensitivity Data:


Publications Citing RayBiotech Products
A searchable Excel database of over 1000 publications.

Publications by RayBiotech Scientists
Browse our list of peer-reviewed original research and review articles.

Application Notes & Technical White Papers
Articles describing technical aspects of RayBiotech products and discussing their applications.

View and download posters presented by RayBiotech scientists scientific meetings or describing various scientific topics.

Product Flyers
View and download technical brochures and flyers for various product lines.

Other Resources

Array Picker Tool
Use our convenient search tool to find an in-stock antibody array that contains the targets you need. Your search results are returned by percent match.

RayBiotech Learning Center
Check out our blog "Discovery in the Post-Genomic Age" for helpful posts covering a variety of research topics and applications.