Secure Shield Clean Non-Milk Blocking and Diluent Solution

Milk Protein Coat Block, Bovine Serum Free, One Component, Ready to use



"Blocks and stabilizes coated ELISA plates and other solid phase substrates. Is a superior diluent that blocks, seals, and stabilizes with a consistent coat. This Coat Block was developed to substantially reduce Non Specific Antibody Binding and eliminate non-specific protein interactions.


No Bovine serum proteins; Provides structural support and crowding agents; Minimizes background interactions and issues; Eliminates BSE regulatory concerns; Is compatible and works well in combination with our Stabilizers; Room temperature stable reagent; Stable through freeze cycles. Superior coat block. It provides superior blocking compared to competitor products. Is supplied as a one component liquid ready to use formula.

Product Features

Can be used for antigens or antibodies. Can be used for blocking and as a diluent buffer. An additional blocking step may not be required, potentially enabling blocking and stabilization in one step. Coated plates dried have a long term shelf life, even at room temperature, when stored in a cool and dry environment. Antimicrobial agents are included to retard bacterial growth. Should be tested for efficacy and stability in any new assay system. Superior Stability; 24 month shelf life.


2-8°C. Can be used for extensive time periods at room temperature. Keep container tightly closed.

Competitive Data

Provides superior blocking compared to competitor products.

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This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.
Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.