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RayBio® Arrays Acknowledged in Recent Nature Biomedical Engineering publication

See how RayBiotech’s arrays were used by a group at Mass Gen to uncover cytokine profiles of swarming Neutrophils in a cool new ex vivo swarming model.

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RayBio G4000 Arrays Used to Identify Biomarkers of Glioma

RayBiotech is proud to see not only our G4000 cytokine array used in a publication, but also our Founder Dr. Huang. In a recent retrospective evaluation of glioma patients’ blood, this group identified some pre-diagnostic biomarkers in the serum of future glioma patients.

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RayBio® Cytokine Arrays Used in JEM Publication

RayBiotech C-Series Membrane-based Antibody Arrays were used in a recent Journal of Experimental Medicine publication titled “MD-2 is required for disulfide HMGB1–dependent TLR4 signaling.”

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