Flow Cytometry Reagents

Gain quantitative single cell insights with flow cytometry and FACS reagents that come with the dependability and quality scientists expect from RayBiotech. Whether you need specialized or common dyes, intracellular or surface marker characterization, or just live dead markers, RayBiotech has the kits and consumables you need for your FACS study.

Manufactured in our US-based facility near Atlanta Georgia and backed by our expert scientific and technical support team, trust RayBiotech to provide the tools and guidance you need to excel in your scientific journey.

Get Common and Novel Markers on RayBright® Fluorophores

At RayBiotech, we understand how variable biology can be and strive for consistency in every product we manufacture. With our flow cytometry reagents, this is reflected in our quality control studies which include using flow cytometry to test every batch instead of faster, simpler western blots. This way we can verify performance in your intended application.

Flow Cytometry Reagents Categories

Universal Compensation Beads

The RayBright® Universal Compensation Beads can efficiently capture all rat, mouse, Syrian and/or Armenian hamster antibodies labeled with any current fluorophores. With its simple and convenient usage, it serves as the perfect tool for your compensation needs. The RayBright® Universal Compensation Beads consist of two populations: negative population beads and positive population beads. Only the positive beads specifically bind to the fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies, ensuring precise and accurate compensation. Streamline your flow cytometry experiments with confidence using RayBright® Universal Compensation Beads.can capture all rat, mouse, Syrian Hamster and Armenian hamster antibodies that are labeled with all current fluorophores. It’s easy and convenient to use, perfect tool for multi-color flow cytometry compensation. RayBright® Universal Compensation Beads are made up of two populations: negative beads and positive beads, with only the positive beads binding the fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies.

Live/Dead Markers

Understanding the degree of cell death in a flow cytometry assay is critical towards any analysis of cell population. Dead cells can non-specifically bind antibodies and exhibit higher autofluorescence than live cells. This both reduces the dynamic range and can lead to false positives in your results. While using gates based on forward and side scatter can help remove confusing substances, such as debris and dead cells, this technique does not remove them all. This is why the use of live/dead markers remains essential.

RayBright® Live dyes are fluorescent dyes that distinguish between live and dead cells in flow cytometry analysis. Living cells repel the dye while dead cells are stained both on the cell surface and intracellularly. Another unique feature of our dyes that sets us apart, is that you can even fix the cells after staining to allow for further phenotyping, as the kit does not use propidium iodide (PI).

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