Blood vessel growth, a process known as angiogenesis, is essential for normal tissue growth, development, wound healing and repair. The formation of new blood vessels is a complex process requiring a tightly regulated balance of both stimulatory and inhibitory signals. Dysregulation of angiogenesis causes numerous pathologies, including (but not limited to) immune, inflammatory, ischemic, or malignant disease states. Common examples of disease arising from excessive angiogenesis include cancer, psoriasis, arthritis, and even obesity. On the other hand, insufficient blood vessel growth may culminate in neurodegeneration, ischemia, hypertension, or osteoporosis. As pathological angiogenesis is recognized as an underlying mechanism for an ever-increasing list of diseases, pharmacologic agents have often been exploited to modulate the process.

The molecular mechanisms that regulate angiogenesis have been the subject of intense study for the last 30+ years, particularly in the context of cancer. The cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, and proteases secreted by the various cancer cell types in the tumor microenvironment (TME) promote both angiogenesis and inflammation, two processes which appear to be interdependent and mutually reinforcing. RayBiotech provides you with a variety of tools to detect complex networks of soluble angiogenic and inflammatory factors and their receptors. With our wide selection of highly sensitive, rigorously tested antibody arrays and ELISAs, these proteins may be quantified individually or collectively from any body fluid, lysate, or cell culture supernatant.

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