Microarray Printing Service

RayBiotech’s state-of-the art, GMP-compliant facility is equipped with both contact and non-contact arrayers. We provide custom microarray printing services for any biomolecules of your choice, including antibodies, proteins, glycoproteins, glycolipids, complex biological fluids, peptides, or other small molecules. Our microarray printing service includes printing on glass slides, membranes or other planar substrates of your choice.

Need a complete kit? We can include appropriate detection reagents, buffers, and accessories with your custom array.

Our custom arrays include, but are not limited to:

  • Antibody arrays
  • Protein arrays
  • Cell lysate arrays
  • Serum arrays
  • Tissue lysate arrays
  • Peptide arrays

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are a few differences between the glass-slide and membrane-based arrays. The main difference is the type of detection used. Our glass-slide based arrays use fluorescence and need a compatible laser scanner (see link below the next answer for a list of compatible/recommended laser scanners); while our membrane-based arrays use chemiluminescence, which can be detected with most western blot imaging systems.

The sample size needed for the glass-slide based is smaller than the membrane-based. Glass-slides require ~70 ul – 100 ul, while the membranes require at least 1 ml, after dilution.

Send your slides to us and we can scan them for you. We will provide you with the scanned image (TIF file) and the densitometry values with full analysis. Learn more about our scanning services here:

Scanning and Data Analysis Services

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