Biomarker Discovery

Biomarker Development Process

Biomarker Discovery Process

The development of the biomarkers for translational medicine is a multistep process, and RayBiotech’s experts can assist you in each step of this process:

  1. Experimental Design
  2. Biomarker Candidate Screening
  3. Biomarker Candidate Validation
  4. Translation to Clinical Applications

Biomarker Development Process

RayBiotech's Tools for Biomarker Development

Tools for Biomarker Development

Biomarker Discover: Traditional vs. Array-based Workflow

Traditional vs. Array-based Workflow

Experimental Design

This is a critical step that is often overlooked by researchers. Proper experimental design is essential to successful biomarker discovery and validation.

For example, the sample size for each group must be large enough to ensure sufficient statistical significance. If the sample size is too low, more biomarker candidates may be unfruitful in the validation phase (false positives), and some useful biomarker candidate may be missed (false negatives). Our Biostatistic and Bioinformatics Group can assist you in determining a minimal sample size for statistical significance.

“Fit for purpose” is an important consideration: Is the proposed experimental method suitable for the intended purpose. Unlike our competitors, RayBiotech does not offer a “one-size fits all” platform. Instead, RayBiotech is the only provider of a wide range of antibody array platforms and products; different platforms for different purposes. Our Technical Support team can assist you in choosing the best platform and product for your needs.

Consideration of experimental methods is another important aspect of biomarker development. Careful definition of patient populations (or animals in the case of experimental model systems), choosing an appropriate sample type, and standardized sample handling and storage protocols can make the difference between success and failure in biomarker development studies. While our Technical Support personnel and scientists cannot be experts in every field of study, we can assist you in reviewing experimental methods for optimal use with antibody array products.

RayBiotech can also offer bio-banking services for customers who may not have sufficient storage space for their samples.

Biomarker Screening & Validation:

RayBiotech has developed an innovative platform for biomarker discovery and validation. The cost, specialized equipment and training required for biomarker discovery using mass spectrometry and 2-D gel electrophoresis is prohibitive to most researchers.

However, using our high-density arrays, researchers with modest budgets can screen for hundreds of potential cytokine biomarker candidates to find the most promising ones for further investigation, much faster than with traditional proteomic methods and at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the antibodies used in our screening arrays are in most cases identical to those in our multiplex quantitative arrays and single target ELISA kits. This streamlines the workflow for biomarker development, making it faster and more affordable.

Custom Array Development

In addition to offering off-the-shelf antibody and protein arrays, RayBiotech can produce customized arrays to fit your needs for biomarker screening or validation.

For sandwich-based arrays, you can choose from over 600 different validated antibody pairs across 5 species, with over 400 for human targets alone. These antibody pairs can be assembled into a semi-quantitative or quantitative antibody arrays in nearly any combination (some antibodies interfere with one another and therefore should not be combined in a single array).

Our L-Series Antibody Arrays offer an even greater flexibility for customizations. Since all of the antibodies are attached to the solid support, the development time for customized antibody arrays is quite short (just a few weeks), and we can include practically any antibody that exists on the market into a customized array to fit your needs.

We can also produce customized protein arrays to look for protein–protein interactions, interactions of proteins with DNA, RNA or small molecules, auto-antibody production or antibody specificity.

Custom Biomolecular Reagents

In some cases, the necessary immunoassays for detecting your favorite protein (YFP) may not be available. Quality immunoassays depend heavily upon using quality reagents. RayBiotech carries a wide selection of high-quality antibodies, proteins and peptides for your research.  However, if no suitable biological reagent are commercially available, RayBiotech provides comprehensive services for custom reagent development:

  • Custom Antibody Services: for monoclonal, polyclonal and recombinant antibodies 
  • Custom Recombinant Protein Services: can included gene isolation, cloning, sub-cloning, optimization of protein expression conditions and purification to your specifications.
  • Custom Peptide Synthesis:  can provide you with peptides to your specifications, including purity, non-standard amino acids, labeling and cyclic peptides.

Custom Assay Development

Do you need a customized immunoassay for your favorite target? Customers often approach us to develop novel immunoassays for your favorite protein (YFP). RayBiotech can also assist you in developing custom immunoassays for YFP.

RayBiotech is a full service immunoassay company; our core competency is immunoassay development, particularly in multiplexed protein detection assays. RayBiotech’s scientists are experts at designing, developing and validating immunoassays. If you have a favorite target for which you need an immunoassay, we can help.

In many cases, commercially available antibodies and proteins can be tested for suitability. If no antibodies and/or standard proteins are commercially available, our talented Research and Development team can start with nothing more than a gene or protein sequence to create these reagents.

We can express and purify the protein, identify existing antibodies that may be useful for immunoassay development, or create the antibodies de novo. Then we can combine these components into a fully functional and validated immunoassay.

We can even integrate customized immunoassays into multiplexed antibody arrays, together with antibodies from our existing antibody arrays, with other antibodies from customized immunoassays, or both.

If you would like a quote for custom assay development, please contact us by email; subject = Assay Development Inquiry] or by phone at 1-888-494-8555 (toll-free in USA) or +1-770-729-2992.

Candidate Screening and Validation Services

In addition to RayBiotech’s wide selection of products for use in your own lab, we offer full testing services for all of the array and ELISA kits we sell. You send us your samples, we send you the results. Keep in mind that RayBiotech is a GLP-compliant facility, meaning that you have assurance that your samples and test results will be of the highest possible quality.

Data Analysis

Protein and antibody arrays represent powerful technologies which have opened a new arena of functional proteomics. When faced with a large magnitude of array data, one must apply comprehensive statistical and data mining analysis to discover potential biomarker panels and meaningful patterns. Biostatistical analysis can also help to evaluate the quality of protein expression data by detecting and extracting errors and confidence level. Our in-house team of biostatistics and bioinformatics experts can guide you through this process and tailor a customized computational solution for your antibody and protein array data.

Translation to Clinical Applications:

While RayBiotech’s reagents and immuoassays are intended for research use only, we are fully willing and capable to validate one or more of our immunoassays or array platforms for the development of clinical assays. RayBiotech can offer its technical expertise as well as assistance in preparing and submitting data for clinical assay approval.