Comprehensive Service and Discovery Center

RayBiotech is now a one stop shop for all your CRO or testing services needs. From the initiation of cell culture, treating cells, to uncovering the changes in those cells, RayBiotech can help you anywhere along the way! Have some cells and need a test done, let us help! Have some phenotypes of cells you need evaluated by Flow Cytometry, or need to know what cytokines are produced by a cell population, we can now do that as well! Have some conditioned media and need to discover the secretome, we can help! Want to uncover changes in signaling pathways, or just need to do some statistics on your samples, we can help there too!

Cell culture of growing cells

Let RayBiotech grow your cells to get your experiment started!

RayBiotech can start your experiment for you, using any of the many cells we already have on hand, cells that you ship to us, or cells that we can source from verified vendors (ATCC, LONZA, etc).
Cell culture of treated cells

Let RayBiotech treat your cells with your experimental conditions

RayBiotech can not only grow your cells, but we can also treat the cells per your recommended protocol. Following the treatment, we can analyze the cells, the supernate, or BOTH!

Let RayBiotech help with everything, from microscope work to flow cytometry, or from secretome analysis to signaling pathway alterations

Microscope work
RayBiotech can enumerate the number of cells, determine viability of the cells, and microscopically examine the cells from your experiment.

Flow cytometry analysis
RayBiotech can perform both simple and advance flow cytometric analysis of your samples to determine phenotypes, cytokine production profiles, or cell population changes.

Cytokine analysis
RayBiotech can perform single target cytokine analysis with our over 2600 validated ELISAs, perform multiplex analysis on a semi- or fully-quantitative basis with our multiplex C, G, and Quantibody Series arrays. RayBiotech can also perform full services western blot analysis on sample lysates from our or your experiments!

Cellular signaling events
RayBiotech can also help with Cellular signaling events using our Phosphospecific protein ELISAs, or multiplex pathway arrays covering MAPK, AKT, and other signaling pathways. If you are studying transcription factor activation events, RayBiotech can also help there with our ELISA kits which only detect Active forms of various transcription factors (c-FOS, GATA, c-Myc and others).

Biomarker analysis
Finally, once you have all your data, RayBiotech can help you identify the critically changed proteins in your sample, how those proteins are involved by interaction pathways, and uncover the biomarker panel for determining your specific disease.