DNA Purification Magnetic Beads

Paramagnetic beads with uniform particle size efficiently bind DNA, resulting in high yields of DNA with minimal RNA, proteins, nucleases, and other cellular contaminants.


Product Specifications

1 ml


DNA Purification Magnetic Beads bind DNA at high capacity. Plug them into your current magnetic bead DNA purification protocol for higher yield, purity, and value. These beads are incorporated into the Genomic DNA Purification Kit, which also provides buffers to extract DNA from diverse biological samples, for example, mouse tissues, meat, and gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.

Magnetic Beads are superparamagnetic, non-aggregating iron oxide particles (or ‘microspheres’) for capturing or purifying targets such as proteins, antigens, antibodies, DNA/RNA, cells, and more. The design enables faster binding kinetics, with high sensitivity & selectivity, in many biomedical and research applications, including automated HTS and manual applications.

Superior yield, purity, and quality over the leading competitors, all at a better value, because we design and manufacture them in-house.

Product Features

  • Multiple Advantages: Over conventional methods (columns, centrifugation).
  • Superior Performance: We've designed them to match or outperform the competition.
  • Superior Capacity and Yield: High binding capacity for rapid and efficient target purification.
  • Superior Purity: Stable, pre-blocked particles provide clean purification even from complex samples.
  • Customizable: We can modify or create to suit your needs.


Bead mean diameter
~0.5 µm
Bead concentration
12 mg/mL
Additional Notes
  • Irregular surface, large surface area
  • Stronger magnetic response than competing beads of the same size
  • Non-porous
  • Ferric oxide core functionalized with various silane groups
  • Non-clumping

Storage and Stability

Ice packs
Store at 4°C. Do not freeze!

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This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.
Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.