Rabbit Anti-Mouse M JMJD3 (C-term)

Rabbit Anti-Mouse M JMJD3 (C-term) Antibody, 400 ul
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Size 400 µl
Protein Name / Synonyms M JMJD3 (C-term)
Accession Number Q5NCY0
Gene Symbols KDM6B
Gene Id 216850
Concentration (lot specific) 1.120 mg/ml
Preparation This Mouse JMJD3 antibody is generated from rabbits immunized with a KLH conjugated synthetic peptide between 1606-1641 amino acids from the C-terminal region of mouse JMJD3.
Host Species Rabbit
Clonality Polyclonal
Species Mouse


Covalent modification of histones plays critical role in regulating chromatin structure and transcription. While most covalent histone modifications are reversible, only recently has it been established that methyl groups are subject to enzymatic removal from histones. A family of novel JmjC domain-containing histone demethylation (JHDM) enzymes have been identified that perform this specific function. Histone demethylation by JHDM proteins requires cofactors Fe(II) and alpha-ketoglutarate. Family members include JHDM1 (demethylating histone 3 at lysine 36), and JHDM2A as well as JMJD2CH3K9 (both of which demethylate histone 3 at lysine 9). Contributions of histone demethylase activity to tumor development, decreases in cell proliferation, and hormone-dependent transcriptional activation have been observed.


Predicted Reactivity
Other Names
Kdm6b; Jmjd3; Kiaa0346; Lysine-specific demethylase 6B; JmjC domain-containing protein 3; Jumonji domain-containing protein 3
NCBI Accession #
Other Accession #


Purified Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody (Pab)
Calculated Molecular Weight (Da)
Recommended Dilutions
WB: 1:1000; IHC: 1:10-50
Western blot analysis of anti-JMJD3 C-term Pab (Cat# 102-10600) in untransfected 293 cells (left) and transfected 293 cells (right). The detection of a prominent band at 180kDa is observed on transfected 293 cells but not on the untransfected 293 cells. Data kindly provided by Dr.Gioacchino Natoli of European Institute of Oncology.
Formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded human Skeletal Muscle tissue reacted with JMJD3 Antibody(C-term)(Cat# 102-10600), which was peroxidase-conjugated to the secondary antibody, followed by AEC staining. This data demonstrates the use of this antibody for immunohistochemistry; clinical relevance has not been evaluated.

Antigen Source



2-8°C (short-term); -20°C (long-term)
12 months from the date of shipment when stored properly.
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