RayBright® Universal Compensation Beads

Capture all rat, mouse, Syrian hamster, Armenian hamster, and rabbit antibodies that are labeled with all current fluorophores.

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Product Description


Size 25 TESTS, 100 TESTS
Format Liquid


The RayBright® Universal Compensation Beads can capture all rat, mouse, Syrian Hamster and Armenian hamster antibodies that are labeled with all current fluorophores. It€™s easy and convenient to use, perfect tool for multi-color flow cytometry compensation. RayBright® Universal Compensation Beads are made up of two populations: negative beads and positive beads, with only the positive beads binding the fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies.

Kit Components

RayBright® Universal Compensation Beads


PBS, PH7.2~7.4, 0.2% BSA, 0.1% NaN3


Stored at 2 °C ~ 8 °C, protected from prolonged light exposure. DO NOT FREEZE.

Product Analysis

Titrated amount of RayBright® fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies were incubated with 50 µl of RayBright® Universal Compensation beads for 15 minutes at room temperature followed by one time washing with 1 ml of FACS buffer.


Note: RayBright® is a trademark of RayBiotech, Inc.
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