Glass Slide Incubation Chamber and Frame

1 Slide Incubation Chamber and Frame for use with RayBio® Glass Slide Arrays.



Slide Incubation ChamberA multi-well gasket which sits ontop of a standard histology slide. The chamber creates secure wells on the slide which allows the analysis of multiple samples on a single slide without cross contamination.
Slide Frame - Two plastic clips that hold the incubation chamber in place during the experiment.

Use With RayBio Glass Slide arrays

The slide incubation chamber and frame are intended for use with RayBio® Glass Slide Arrays (not included).

Number of WellsArray Type
2 WellsHuman and Mouse L-Series, glycome arrays, Glycan 300
4-WellsRat L-Series, Allergen protein array, Glycan 100
16-wellsQuantibody, G-Series, Allergen Protein Array, Lung Cancer Protein Arrays

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This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY.
Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.